Lawyer Squad




Animated series

Created by

Ian Huchinson, Connor Laulo

Developed by

Connor Laulo, Ian Huchinson

Voices of

Ian Huchinson, Jesus Lopez, Mark Cervantez, Connor Laulo, Maya Laulo

Country of origin

United States

Original channel

Adult Swim

Based on

Lawyer Squad (film)

Lawyer Squad is an American animated sitcom based on the movie of the same name. It airs on Adult Swim.


The first season follows Mr.Pink on his mission to avenge the apparent death of his communist, ex-lawyer father, Mr.Red, by defeating the evil, anti-communist John Lawyer and his Lawyer Squad.


Communist SquadEdit

Mr.Red-Ian HuchinsonEdit

A communist ex-lawyer who vowed revenge on the Lawyer Squad after they killed his wifeHe is captive and presumed dead by his son during season one. He always carries around his weapon of choice, the Photon Razor.

Mr.Pink-Jesus LopezEdit

Mr.Red's son. he is a homosexual. He formed and leads the new Communist Squad. He has a Raccoon boyfriend. He also carries a Photon Razor.

Ricky Raccoon-Connor LauloEdit

Ricky Raccoon is a talking raccoon with a British accent. He is a communist and Mr.Pink's boyfriend. He works out and has a six-pack. At the end of every episode, after it tells you what will happen in the next episode, he says, "Don't miss it!"

Phil E. Berto-Maya LauloEdit

As a teenager, he was captured by the Lawyer Squad because his family was communist. While his parents were killed, he was forced to watch Brokeback Mountain ten times in a row. He has sought revenge ever since.

Lawyer SquadEdit

John Lawyer-Mark CervantezEdit

Originally a German scientist during WWII seeking the secret to eternal life, he created a cloning machine so that he could live forever through his clones. Fearing someone would destroy his cloning machine, he created the Lawyer Squad to protect himself and defeat his enemies. He is anti-communist and would like to wipe communism off the face of the planet. He controls his army from his secret Lawyer Squad Moon Base.

Jackson-Connor LauloEdit

John Lawyer's right-hand man. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, and weapon mastery. His family has been in allegiance to the Lawyer Squad for many generations. He wears a mask to cover up his face, except the eyes for unknown reasons. He is second in command of the Lawyer Squad.

Lawyer Squad TroopsEdit

Faceless, nameless soldiers devoted to serving their master, John Lawyer. They are skilled in weapon mastery. Although good at combat when wielding a gun, they lack hand-to-hand combat skills which is their weak point.