Lawyer Squad


Lawyer Squad


Connor Laulo, Ian Huchinson


Ian Huchinson


Ian Huchinson, Jesus Lopez, Mark Cervantez, Connor Laulo


Connor Laulo


Connor Laulo


Connor Laulo, Ian Huchinson


Laulo Corp.


20th Century Fox



Lawyer Squad is an American comedy film written by Connor Laulo and Ian Huchinson and directed by Connor Laulo. It stars Ian Huchinson, Jesus Lopez, Mark Cervantez, and Connor Laulo. It is the first feature length film by Laulo Corp.


Mr.Red, a high-ranking member of the Lawyer Squad, quits to become a communist. This angers Lawyer Squad Leader, who has his henchmen kill Mr.Red's wife. Mr.Red vows revenge and joins theCommunist Squad. He takes his only son, Mr.Pink, and trains him in the communist ways. A spy for the Lawyer Squad is hiding out in the Communist Squad and feeding Lawyer Squad Leader information. The Communist Squad comes up with a plan to destroy the Lawyer Squad, and when Lawyer Squad Leader hears this, he is furious. He sends out all Lawyer Squad Troops the Communist Squad and personally wants to fight Mr.Red himself. Mr.Red's weapon of choice, the Photon Razor, is useless against Lawyer Squad Leader's hand-to-hand combat skills. Mr.Red is almost dead when Mr.Pink arrives. He is given Mr.Red's Photon Razor and told to defeat Lawyer Squad Leader, who takes his mask off and reveals himself as John Lawyer, Mr.Reds roommate during college. He then escapes the base on his submarine as the base is about to explode. All of the Communist Squad is eradicated and Mr.Red tells his son to leave him behind. Mr.Pink then vows revenge on the Lawyer Squad.


  • Mr.Red- Ian Huchinson
  • Mr.Pink- Jesus Lopez
  • Lawyer Squad Leader/John Lawyer- Mark Cervantez
  • Lawyer Squad Spy/Jackson- Connor Laulo



Mr.Red is a communist, ex-Lawyer Squad member on a mission to avenge his wife's death at the hands of the Lawyer Squad. His weapon of choice is the Photon Razor.


Mr.Red's son, trained in the communist ways.

Lawyer Squad Leader/John LawyerEdit

Leader of the Lawyer Squad. He wears a mask to hide his true identity of John Lawyer.

Lawyer Squad SpyEdit

Spy for the Lawyer Squad and Lawyer Squad Leader's right-hand man.